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Video problems are probably the most complex issue to assist with. From personal computer settings, software adjustments and good'ol Microsoft bugs, finding and diagnosing Video issues can be a real challenge. Below we have put together some common and useful tips to assist you with finding and correcting video problems.

Your videos will not play!

First, just like your ISP would request if you called them with issues, we ask that you restart your computer AND reboot your Internet. Often, this can clear up loading issues or major video lag problems.

What software is needed to view your videos?

All of our videos can be viewed through the most current Windows Media Player. By visiting the Windows Update Center you can be sure to have the most recent Windows Media Player and other Updates which may correct software related Video issues. Some of our Bonus Content features may use alternate video players such as Flash and Quicktime, please visit our Software Downloads Page for a listing of all software that may be used to help ameliorate your stay with us.

Still not loading, now what?

Make sure you don't have a Virus or some type of Spyware infecting your machine. AVG Offers a great Free Anti-Virus product and I highly recommend Spybot Search and Destory for any spyware/muckware issues.

If you haven't already done so, try re-installing your Windows Media Player. This can sometimes correct driver and codex issues along with possible file ownership problems.

All else fails, contact us and we will try to help work through the problems with you.

How to I download Movies?

Right click the links and select 'Save as' or 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As'. (Mac: Option+Click) will start downloading the movies.

More Windows Media Player Help:

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Windows Media Player 11 for Windows Vista


Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP


Windows Media Player 10


Earlier versions of Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player is required to view our videos. Download the latest version of Windows Media Player, or download Windows Media Codec.


We recommend you Download Windows Media Player for MAC! If that does not help, you can try a product called Flip 4 Mac will help make WMV videos play on Macintosh Computers.